River Road Expo
Tioga Downs Casino
3284 West River Road / Nichols, NY


1. Why have it at Tioga Downs? 

Tioga Downs is a high quality facility that has graciously offered their spacious event floor space to host this expo.  With over 7,000 square feet packed with professional writers, artists, vendors and fan groups!

2. I've never been to Tioga Downs, what is it like? 

Personally, I compare it to an incredibly nice mall food court. Really, The gambling room is off to the left side when you walk in. Right next to an ice cream stand. Yup, ice cream. They also have a bar, a buffet and a Subway. (The fast food chain) Maybe some people think that we are setting tables next to slot machines. Nope. The Expo has almost 7,000 square feet of floor space. About 45 tables will be set up.

3. This is my first Comic Con, what should I expect? 

The Expo hosts professionals who have books published by Marvel Comics, Dc, IDW, Boom and more. All autographs are free. They will also have comics & prints available for purchase. If you have ever wanted to get into the industry - this is your chance to ask them questions.

Joining the Expo are dozens of independent writers and artists. Many of whom have done professional, work for hire projects. Along with fan groups, vendors and more!

Check out www.riverroadexpo.com for the full list of artists, writers, vendors, groups and more!

4. Can I come in costume?

Absolutely!  Costume play (Cosplay) is fun way to express your love of your favorite pop culture characters.  All we ask is that you follow our Cosplay Guidelines to ensure that everyone attending has a good time in a safe environment.