Mike Raicht

Ethan Young
Artist of A Piggy's Tale
Writer/ Artist of Tails

Artist of All New Soulfire

Bram Stocker Award Nominated Author of
Special Dead

Chris Bell and Bill Giancoli
The Creative Team from Gears

Fell Boley
Creator of Great Battles American Lore
Illustrator of Champtown

Maegan Cook
Creator of A plus B manga

Comic Artist on Breaking Bad: All Bad Things, Alien Dawn,
Creator of  Phantom Spiral

Will Perkins
Artist of Beware... Comics

Joey Schichtel & Ielle Palmer

Jason Yungbluth
Weapon Brown

Andrew Wales
Eclectic Comics, Life is Funny, Artist to Artist

Joe Holley 
Stake Center

Mark McCracken
Artist of Adventures in Crapville & Swanburger

Mason McMahon

Wayne Beeman
Studio Imagine8
Featuring the Art of Lola & Jonathan Myers

TL Collins
Bullfinch Comics

Jim Brenneman
Artboy Design

Jeff Magnussen
Master Costume Builder